LG129 LED Amber Marker Light

Product Code: LG129


This popular LED Marker Light fits neatly onto tubular
stainless steel, commonly used on bars for Vans and Trucks

• Lamp is equipped with screw covers

• Not only stunning light emission but also catchy brightness


Depending on the light color:
• front clearance light – horizontal and vertical approval
• rear clearance light – horizontal and vertical approval
• side clearance light – horizontal approval

  • supply voltage: 12-36V DC
  • operating temperature: – 40°C to +55°C
  • lamp is resistant to any weather conditions
  • lamp is fully airtight
  • Power consumption: 12V/24V = 0,05A/0,05A
  • Power consumption / Rated power: 12V/24V = 0,6W/1,2W

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