LG864W 9 Diode LED Work Light (WHITE SHELL)

Product Code: lg864W


Choosing LED Global for your vehicles Work Lighting systems is an easy one if you demand a long service life with sturdy design and easy installing on your vehicle for all kinds of Work light requirements.

Our Products are suitable  to agricultural & commercial vehicles facing the toughest conditions in off road use. With us you can count on the guarantee of reliable lamps in even  the toughest operating conditions and challenging road conditions. 

The quality & stamina of our LED Work Lights results not only in reduced energy consumption, large financial savings but also most importantly reduced down times due to bulb change.

  • 12-48 Volts
  • Size: 123 x 100 x 74mm
  • 15 Watt Power
  • 9 Osram Diodes
  • Mounting Bolts supplied
  • Lamps have a certificate of electro-magnetic compatibility EMC by regulations No 10.04 and designation CE
  • Lamp design shockproof and work flawlessly even submerged in water
  • Certificate IP68

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