Solar Powered Street Lighting


How it Works

The integrated Battery is charged during daytime hours by the efficient Photovoltaic Solar Modules. At nightfall, the LED light module is automatically activated.

The light output of a Solar lamp is defined by the incident Solar irradiation at the respective location, which is why the quality of the individual components and their optimum interaction play a decisive role.

The LifePo4 battery used in the solar lamp is shored in the ground together with the post so that an optimum, constant temperature is achieved. The long service life of the battery and efficient theft protection are the results.

Stellar Series

Want to brighten up an area such as Paths & Roads without access to Grid Power?

Wherever Electricity is not readily available, the new Stellar Solar Light can be easily Installed.

Elegant, stylish design and powerful light output

   Design – The integrated solar modules allow for the unique,
   elegant design. At first glance, it is hardly noticeably that this
   is a solar light.
   Solar Module – With an efficiency of 22%, the 8 high
   performance solar modules achieve maximum performance.
   Construction  - The vertical 360° orientation of the solar
    module guarantee continuous energy input, since neither
    snow now foliage can cover it.
   Light – With 200 lm/W, the  LED achieves peak performance.
   Autonomous Battery Storage – the special smart function
   allows for 13 days of poor weather without a loss of light.
   Time management – The on and off times can be easily
   reprogrammed at any time with a remote control.
   Flexibility – The lamps are simple to install and can be relocated if necessary.
   Stand Alone Functionality – No cables are necessary and the units are functional in any location.
   Maintenance – Thanks to the high-end components, maintenance is only necessary after 10 years.

Hera Series

Want to draw attention to a particular place without power?

Wherever Electricity is not readily available, the new Herra Solar Light can be easily Installed.

The Hera solar light  is perfect for:

  • driveways and courtyards
  • walkways and pathways
  • garden and parks
  • hotel and golf facilities
  • and every place in the world, without wiring.

Wherever electricity is not readily available, the new Hera solar light can be easily installed.

Mara Series

Want to Light up shelters that doesn't have access to Grid Power

Wherever Electricity is not readily available, the new Mara Solar Light can be easily Installed.

A modern energy pole with LED light strip can be integrated directly into bus stops thanks to the easy installation.

As a result, an optimal light output is guaranteed whatever the weather.

The mara solar light is ideal for lighting stopping points, pedestrian underpasses, carports and bicycle parking areas.

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