Key Lighting Terms

Terms to Understand

Floodlight: A lamp designed Specifically for Flood Lighting or Sports Lighting

Glare Rating: A numerical value on a scale of 1 to 100, determined in a specified manner, representing the degree of glare from a lighting system, given observer positions and viewing directions. Higher values correspond to greater glare from the lighting system

Illuminance (Lux): The total amount of visible light illuminating at a point on a surface from all directions above the surface. The standard unit for Illuminance is Lux. For a lamp it normally refers to the total height emitted irrespective of the directions in which it is distributed.

Kilowatt (kW): The total power requirements for a series of lamps is usually defined in terms of Kilowatts. One kilowatt equals 1000 Watts.

Light Loss Factor: The ratio of the illuminance provided by an insallation in the average condition of dirtiness and with the lamp of average age expected in service, to the initial illuminance provided by the same installation.

Uniformity Ratios: Describes the uniformity of light levels across an area. This may be expressed as a ratio of minimum to average or it may be expressed as a ratio of maximum to minimum level for a given area.

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