Product Code: C0404


Product Information


  • Car Fuse
  • Assortment Box
  • Qty: 120 Pieces
  • Clip Material: Plastic
  • Box Material: PP
  • Colour: Mixed

Assortment Box includes:

20 pcs. - 5A
20 pcs. - 10A
20 pcs. - 15A
20 pcs. - 20A
20 pcs. - 25A
20 pcs. - 30A

Blade type fuses can be mounted in:

  • Fuse blocks (made of porcelain, slate, or other refractory material). Fuse blocks offer a method of mounting several fuses together or large fuses separately .
  • In-line fuse holders help to save space,  and are often seen in add-on electrical accessories, where the manufacturer does not know the electrical current limit of the circuit you are going to patch into. This offers sufficient protection for that individual accessory, without regard to any other devices that might share the same circuit.
  • Dual slot fuse holders let you turn one fuse slot into two (in some way, similar to a power strip, but for fuses).
  • Fuse clips. Fuse clips can be inserted into a printed circuit board.

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