LED Global is a company based in Ireland that designs and supplies a range of lighting products and electronic components to the global market. We have a well-balanced business portfolio supplying to OEM and aftermarket customers. Our products can be found on machines and vehicles within the mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, material handling, truck, trailer and emergency vehicle industries throughout the world.

Our mission is to apply the technology and the expertise we have acquired while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We offer high-grade LEDs, with long design life and better energy efficiency, therefore producing permanent savings on maintenance costs. We believe that working together with our suppliers in the true spirit of partnership is a key success factor. This approach is also why we only source parts and materials from suppliers who have undergone a rigorous selection process that focuses on three critical factors; technology, quality and costs, because we operate all over the world, we are particularly only interested in suppliers that can offer competitive products at global level to ensure that we meet and exceed our customers high expectations. Over the last year we have seen our business and sales volume increase by 400% and we at LED Global are still in the fast-growing stages. Product Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are constantly reinvesting our profits and energies in R&D studying and researching the right solutions for quality, new product developments and innovations which is one of the main reasons that our lighting enjoys such a good reputation around the world with more and more customers now becoming interested in being LED Global distributors.

At LED Global, it is our commitment to quality control and innovative product design incorporating the very latest in Led technology that has made us one of the leading figures in the solid-state vehicle lighting market. We take pride in the fact our products are among the most durable available and are used in the most difficult and demanding working environments all over the world. The visibility offered by the high-quality optics of our lights supports your machines in maintaining high efficiency during dark working hours while the lights themselves need very little maintenance.

Our development activities currently focus on features and technology that is expected to be especially important in the future and which is currently generating benefits that customers can see today such as the latest technology in work lighting, multifunctional combination lights and vehicle warning lighting. We are also constantly updating our product range to insure they meet and are compliant with worldwide safety standards and regulations including UN (ECE Regulations) such as CE certification, E-Marks, EMC and North America (FMVSS 108) DOT and SAE regulations. We also ensure that all our lighting products have a high IP (ingress protection) rating against dust and moisture to protect and increase the lifetime of the lighting and to produce greater efficiency and cost savings for our customers.