• LG1905 Brake Cleaner 400ML

LG1905 Brake Cleaner 400ML

Product Code: LG1905 Brake Cleaner


Provides fast cleaning for brake shoes and pads. Removes rapidly dust and oil from the whole brake system. Powerful cleaner/degreaser for brake and clutch parts.Formulated to quickly and safely remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake and clutch parts.

Super Help Brake cleaner helps brakes last longer and perform better.

FEATURES • Effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil and hardened deposits. • Degreases instantly. • Reduces disc-brake squeal and clutch chatter. • Can be applied without disassembly, saving time and reducing maintenance costs. • Evaporates quickly. • Leaves no residue. • Low surface tension gives excellent penetration and ensures superior dissolving and degreasing properties. • Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals.

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