• LG2050 1 Core - 1mm - 16.5 amps (Black)

LG2050 1 Core - 1mm - 16.5 amps (Black)

Product Code: LG2050


This listing is for Thinwall 1 core cable 1 x 1.0mm² 16.5amp.

Quantity 30 metre.

Item description: Thin wall 1 core wiring cable for use in the automotive, motorcycle, marine and allied industries.

This is a high quality 1 core cable, due to the thin wall design this 1 core cable has a much higher current (amperage) rating than standard 1 core cable.

It is also 30% lighter in weight and volume than standard 1 core.

Thin wall cable will also withstand much lower and higher temperatures than standard cable.

Resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acids. Good resistance to moisture.

Suitable for use at temperatures of -40°c up to 105°c with excursions up to +120°c. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 6722 2006 (Class B). Plain copper conductors to BS6360 with high performance, hard grade flexible insulation offering good resistance to abrasion and cut through.

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